Aerial shot of campus.

Forward Thinking

The Spring 2019 edition of Montclair State’s award-winning Forward Thinking research newsletter highlights some of the important research being conducted by the University faculty and students, including how they are helping to diversify New Jersey’s teacher pipeline through a program that could be used as a model nationwide.

In this issue you’ll also read about how researchers are using mathematical models to understand ecological food webs and their resilience to climate change, human intervention and other environmental factors, and how others are measuring the now-shutdown Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station’s effects on the Barnegat Bay Estuary.

Among the highlights of this issue are a look at how our faculty are working to stop alcohol, tobacco and drug use among Paterson’s youth; are advancing the understanding of the efficacy of biofeedback technology in dealing with speech disorders; and are exploring how a strong racial identity can attenuate the impact of online discrimination on academic outcomes.